Thursday, May 14, 2009

HNT - Birthday Flashback

I turned 40 last Wednesday. Francine had a small surprise party for me on Saturday night. It was Spider-Man themed. Spider-Man napkins, a cool Spider-Man birthday cake -- the perfect theme for this 40 year old who has grown old but hasn't really grown up.

Among the really cool folks who came to the party were friends I've had almost my entire life. Taki Stewart, Greg Roberts and Steve Gaydos. Steve and Julia came all the way from Ottawa to surprise me, which was really cool.

Taki and Greg reminded me of the time I had turned 21 and we were all in Levack and hoping to get bombed drinking in my parent's basement. We had all the beer and booze we could ever desire and were prepared to drink like . . . well, like 21 year olds celebrating. The only catch was that my Mom and Baba kept bringing down tray after tray of snacks and food -- a supply of goodies even more endless than the drinks at our disposal. We ended up getting so stuffed and filled with food, that it either absorbed all the alcohol or we were too stuffed to drink more.

Needless to say, though, we did have a great time. Nineteen years ago. I dug out an old photo album and scanned the pictures from that afternoon in for this week's Half Nekkid Thursday.

Man did I ever have big hair back then . . . but I'm delighted to say that not only am I still good friends with everyone in the picture, but I also still have my "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Dog" t-shirt (from a comedy troupe called Skit Row that a friend of a friend was in way back when). It's a little worse for wear, but Francine has let me keep it. Woohoo!

Pete Mihajic, Greg Roberts, Taki Stewart, me, John Ellis

Me,Taki Stewart, John Ellis, Greg Roberts


lime said...

how wonderful that you still count those guys as friends. fun little trip down memory lane and what a nice way to have spent your 40th birthday. :)

misterbuny said...

Okay I did not think that it was a small party! And I am not so concerned about the big hair, as I am about those Bert eyebrows! And I did give up my mother's day for said small party!

gregrob said...

Bunch of dorks in those old pics. There were only cool dudes at your 40th.