Thursday, May 28, 2009

HNT - LDHS High School Reunion 1992

I recently registered for the Levack District High School (LDHS) reunion taking place this summer. The high school has been closed down, and has been closed for several years. But since the same building is operating as Levack Public School now, the reunion committee has been able to use it for this summer's reunion.

I thought I might post a few pictures from the last LDHS reunion -- it occured in 1992, just four years after high school -- so, not a lot to get caught up on with old high school friends. But it was still fun. This time around, though, many many more years have passed, so there is a lot more catching up to do with old high school friends.

I'm very fortunate to be in relatively close contact with many of my high school buddies, and still able to hang out with some of them on a semi-regular basis. Of course, social media networks like Facebook have allowed me to get back in touch with many more over the past couple of years.

Tom Potts, Michelle Norry Simmons, me, John Ellis

John Ellis, me, Tom Potts, Michelle Norry Simmons

From the gang in the picture above, I know that both Tom Potts and John Ellis will be attending, but haven't heard if Michelle will be going.

In any case, it should be really fun, yes, even though I don't have the really cool dude mullet that I was sporting back in 1992.


lime said...

hope it's a wonderful time for you :)

misterbuny said...

Love the hair! Bet your mom is looking forward to seeing Michele again! Just think of all the running we will be able to do while we are up north!!!

BTExpress said...

Look at you with all that hair.

highclass said...

A high school reunion must be something really special and unique. We all know that high school is the best period of our lives.

teenagers said...

I can't imagine how my high school reunion would be like.All my teenage friends have become adults..