Thursday, May 27, 2010

HNT - Independent Since 1867

I chatted a few posts back about t-shirts, particularly the pride one has in sporting t-shirts associated with a brand that one likes to be associated with.

For me, being associated with books or beer is pretty cool. I went on in that previous post I mentioned about how it might be cool to see proudly independent breweries like Moosehead associate themselves with independent publishers or independent bookstores to do joint marketing campaigns.

I learned a lot of great things about Moosehead last summer when I read the book LAST CANADIAN BEER by Harvey Sawler from Nimbus Publishing.

Here's a link to my HNT post talking about that in a post I called "Pardon my Big Moose Head"

So, as I gear up to spending Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Canadian Booksellers Association National Conference 2010, which will include several hundred delegates from across the publishing industry and featuring a high concentration of independent booksellers from across Canada coming together to meet with authors, publishers, intent on networking, learning and sharing, I thought I'd boast my independent spirit and pride.

And what better way to combine my independent bookseller spirit with my passion for beer, than show off one of the many great Moosehead t-shirts I got from a 24 pack of Moosehead.

This t-shirt is from one of their last promotions and not the current one featuring Roots shirts -- while the Roots shirts are much "softer" and more comfortable, I still take comfort in sporting my pride and support of this independent brewer. And I just like the simple style and look of this one.

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