Thursday, May 06, 2010

HNT - It's My Birthday Too

I spent the last two hours of my 40th year on the Night Fright Radio show. In studio with host Brent Holland, we talked about CAMPUS CHILLS as well as about writing horror.

It was a great way to finish off that birthday year, and a blast to be in studio with Brent. Joining us at two different times during the show were CAMPUS CHILLS contributors Douglas Smith (author of "Radio Nowhere" which has been nominated for an Aurora Award in best-short form category) and Nancy Kilpatrick (author of "Sara").

At about 11:50 or so, somehow the topic of birthday came up, and, live on air, Nancy and I realized that we shared the same birthday. That was a really fun way to realize that we not only shared a passion for writing macabre stories, but shared May 6th as a birthday.

Neat stuff.

The show, which is simulcast from Laurentian University's CKLU 96.7 FM to about a dozen other campus stations across Canada, is also streamed live to the internet. And Brent also records the shows to post as downloadable podcasts. So if you're interested in listening to the show, you'll be able to check it out within the next few days. I'll post a link to it on my blog.

I have to admit that, sitting being on an isolated campus in a mostly empty building talking about creepy scary stuff after dark was the perfect place to be talking about CAMPUS CHILLS, which draws a lot on how a quiet and lonely and mostly vacant campus after hours can be extremely eerie.

This week's HNT picture is a shot of Brent and I in the CKLU studio a few minutes before the show went live.

Happy HNT. And Happy Birthday, Nancy!


Jill said...

Happiest of birthdays!

lime said...

i think i said happy birthday over on FB but if i didn't here's a very belated happy birthday to you. :)