Monday, July 19, 2010

The Book Is Not Dead: It Just Had Babies

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post about the popular #dearpublisher Twitter tag. I, of course, joked how it was going to give publishers a whack of new unsolicited material to read, but failed to point out some of the really cool statements.

And there have been a number of wonderful comments and questions to come from this tag, but I wanted to pause to mention my favourite, particularly since it talks about the manner in which a new technology adds to the existing ones, perhaps changes the dynamic, but doesn't altogether kill it.
@katrinalantznov: #dearpublisher Combine ebooks with hardcovers, but please don't stop printing books ever. The book is not dead. It just had babies.

This has been among the top tweets that has been re-tweeted, re-posted and celebrated.  (Proof of the type of creative genius you can squeeze into 140 characters or less.)

The Twitter handle belongs to Katrina Lanz who is a writer from Southern California. Her blog and tweets are interesting, well written and thought-provoking. Definitely worth checking out.

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