Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sh*t That I Shat

I saw a post on Quillblog yesterday entitled "Sh*t some publishers put out" written by Steven W. Beattie involving the "carbon copy" publishing trend that appears to be following the sucess of Justin Halpern's "Sh*t My Dad Says" - a book inspired by the @shitmydadsays twitter account that has also inspired a new television series featuring William Shatner.

According to the Quillblog post, Julie Haas Brophy has landed a deal for a book called Sh*t My Kids Ruined featuring photos and stories of children destroying all kinds of property.

This, of course, inspired me to come up with some other similar titles that jump on that trend bandwagon.  I mean, you've got to strike while the iron is hot (or, to speak in potty language, shit while you're sitting on the pot)

Shit I Shat
A coffee-table sized photographic 365 day view of the toilet contents of a regular man (yes, the pun is completely intended), including adjascent snippets of articles, books and cartoons he was reading while producing the subject matter of the book. A real "bathroom" book for the low-brow humour lover on your list.  An alternatively printed title for this book in some markets might be Sh*t I $#at

Sh*t That Stupid Customers Ask
The book outlining the silly, stupid and inane questions faced on a daily basis that everyone who has ever worked in retail has always wanted to write (but that nobody ever wants to publish - because let's be honest, this content is only really interesting to those who have worked in retail, and tends to only be humourous until those same people who complain about dumb questions walk into another retail outlet and ask the very same sorts of questions they think are idiotic)

Sh*t I Always Wanted To Write
A planned 3 volume set of 1000 page books containing the single paragraph descriptions of novel, story and character ideas that actual writers have to continually hear from the people they meet at parties and other social events in which, upon finding out that the person they are speaking with is a writer says: "I've always wanted to write," and then go on in excruciating detail about the amazing story ideas they've been carrying around for decades but have yet to ever actually write. The release date for this book is still forthcoming because (you guessed it), nobody has yet to write a single word. But my goodness there's an epic plan boiling in the minds of the several thousand contributors who are lined up for this.

A Tale of Two Shittings
In the style of the "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies" trend of re-mashed classic literary titles, this book, a loosely based pastiche of the Dickens Novel, re-imagines the French Revolution as being about the haves and have nots with respect to indoor and out-door plumbing and how this lavatorial injustic leads to the revolution.

What other possible "Sh*t . . ." titles would you add to the list?


Rand MacIvor said...

Hilarious, Mark! Thanks for the chuckle!

I believe there was a M*A*S*H episode that shadowed your "A Tale of Two Shittings" premise. So when you say "re-mashed" you may be right in more ways than one!

lime said...

sh*t my kids leave sitting all over the place. it's a picture book of all the stuff they leave around the house...shoes, clothes, books, sports gear, dirty dishes and cutlery. the book has perforated pages so readers can tear out the pictures and toss them around the house carelessly like my kids.