Thursday, July 01, 2010

HNT - Happy Canada Day, Eh!

Happy Canada Day! I thought for this week's HNT I'd flash back 20 or so years to some Canada Day/summer shots from many years ago. You know, back when a sport was a sport and groovin' was groovin' - dancing meant everything. We were young and we were improving . . .

Here's a shot of me and my buddies John and Steve at Windy Lake back in 1987/1988.  The three of us are goofing around doing our "Sears catalog pose" while Pete works on getting the boat ready for everyone. The photo was taken by Steve's cousin and everyone's cool pal, Vicki -- it was her first trip to Canada, eh!

And below is a shot of Pete and I a few years later on the back deck at the Craig Street residence where Steve, Taki, Zaki and I lived for many years in Ottawa (AKA "The Levack Shack") - I'm pretty sure this picture was taken on Canada Day, and it was likely in 1991, perhaps 1992. (My "old man mind" fails me so often lately).  I'm not sure what we were looking at in the picture. But I can tell you that the beer we were drinking was Canadian back in those days (before Molson sold out to a multi-national brewery)

And for a special Canada Day treat, the following video: "Canadian, Please" -- because regardless of where you're reading this from, I know that you want to be Canadian . . . (careful, the tune gets stuck in your head) . . .

Happy Canada Day to the Canucks out there - and to my pals in the U.S. Happy Independence Day a few days early!


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me!!!?!?!

Look at that full head of hair!!!

From one baldy to another: YES!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My apologies for not commenting on Canuck Day once again, but Mark! You didn't say your last name was Lefebvre on Paula's show.



Are you serious?

Dude, as a lifelong Seattle Mariners fan, there's only one way to pronounce, "Lefebvre," and it's Le-Fever, as in Jim Lefebvre, the once Mariner manager who coined the Seattle phrase, "Lefebvre Believer!"