Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't You . . . Want Me . . . Baby?

Except for stations like Treehouse and Playhouse Disney, Alexander doesn't watch much TV. So he doesn't see a lot of commercials.

But, he regularly watches the news with us, (he has an affinity for the weather just like Francine does), and when he sees commercials he is often captivated by them.

One he has seen recently which he just adores is a new Chips Ahoy commercial with four Chunky Chips Ahoy cookies in a convertible all singing the old Human League song "Don't You Want Me?"

It's really cute - four of them are singing the chorus to the song when a giant hand reaches down and plucks them out one by one. Finally, the last one, the driver, is on his own and he starts to sing nervously, his eyes casting all around and he inserts some beautiful dramatic pauses. "Don't you . . . want me . . . baby?"

One thing I love about the commercial is the uncertainly of the last cookie's intent. Is he nervous that all his friends are being eaten and he's not? (IE, "Don't you want me?") Or is he nervous about being eaten, like the last remaining survivor in a bad horror flick? It's funny either way you interpret it. (And yes, perhaps I analyse character intent too often sometimes)

Apart from hearing Alexander and a little buddy of his singing this song in the playground at school, (which was cute and just plain strange at the same time) Alexander regularly perfectly repeats the dramatic pauses the driver sings and giggles each time he does it.

Yes, he doesn't just like the cute silliness of the commercial, but appreciates the subtle things in it, too.

I love how this commercial appeals to the adults like Francine and myself, who fondly remember this song from the 1980's and, of course, the cartoon silliness of the commercial that appeals to children.  Beautifully done. I've since played the entire classic song by Human League for Alexander, explaining to him it was a popular song that his parents enjoyed when we were young. See how cookies and music can bring two generations together?

Oh, and guess what kind of cookies we've recently purchased?


Rand MacIvor said...

Kudos Mark. Brilliant post. Thanks. R

Mark Leslie said...

Thanks, Rand. Speaking of television commericals, you bringing up that big chunk of fudge in a meeting the other day was hilarious!

Rand MacIvor said...

:o) I tried to keep it down but...