Thursday, March 31, 2011

HNT - Spud Wars: Darth Tater Unmasked

 Not all that long ago on a blog not so far away . . .

. . . a fresh new type of Mr. Potato Head, Darth Tater, moved into Chateau Leslie.

Things had been going quite nicely for a while. Mark had a new toy to play with that brought back fond childhood memories of enjoying Star Wars, and it kept him from getting into trouble by posting inappropriate things on his blog.

But one tired evening, while Mark was attempting to clean Darth Tater's mask, something went horribly wrong.

The mask popped off, and Mark got a startling peek at the face beneath.

As if looking upon the raw face of Darth Tater wasn't enough, the spud spoke a startling revelation.

"Mark, you ate my father!"

The terrible truth was almost too much to bear.

Upon hearing the accusation and with Darth's father (who had, only hours before, been a nice plate of french fries smothered in gravy and ketchup) still digesting in his stomach, Mark let out a girly-man scream and fainted.

Darth then jumped into attack mode, fully intending to avenge his father's needless consumption.

TO BE CONTINUED . . . next week

Will Mark be able to get out of this predicament? Will Darth get his revenge? If Darth really is a potato, why doesn't he have more than one set of eyes? Does anybody out there really care? Are you aware this story is a re-run, a "remastered" tale of a serial blog story originally told in 2006? If this is a Star Wars spoof, why has the storyline already gone in a decidedly different direction than the original George Lucas tale?

To find out the answer to perhaps a couple of these goofy questions, check back next Thursday.

* The font used for the SPUD WARS logo above came from Boba Fonts on Fontspace - check out all their cool designs.

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