Thursday, March 24, 2011

HNT - The Return of Darth Tater & Spud Wars

Not that long ago, in a blogisphere not too far away . . .

Given my son's recent enthusiam for all things Star Wars, I thought it might be fun to re-run a serial blog story I started back in 2006 when I first posted a picture of myself unmasking my Darth Tater toy (Darth Tater Unmasked) and then just couldn't resist making a serial story out of it.

Starting next Thursday, you can enjoy the silly Darth Tater / Spud Wars series, presented as a syndicated re-run here on this blog.  I will, of course, be tweaking the tale ever so slightly where necessary - after all, the first time it appeared, it was a "first draft" - this writer likes to improve at least slighty with each re-write of a story...and besides, given some changes to my blog's layout, I've noticed that the formatting of the original posts needs to be worked on again, rendered in a properly updated MarcusFilm format)

So next week, prepare yourself for the digitally remastered (yeah, right) version of the ever popular SPUD WARS . . .

Spud Wars: A Serial HNT Adventure by Mark Leslie

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