Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why You Big

My six year old son's humour continues to delight and surprise me.

Last night, when he got out of his bath and I was helping him dry, he let out the yelp normally associated with a tickle.

"Dad," he said. "You just pinched me."

"Oh, sorry," I said, then proceeded to offer him a quick light pinch on his arm. "You mean, like this?"

That began another laugh, with him delivering a pinch. The scene quickly descended, the way these things often do with the two of us, into a tickle-bout style event, each of us trying to dodge each other's pinches while delivering our own attacks.

At one point, Alexander reached out and put his hands around my throat, pretending to choke me.

I did the same to him, saying, in my best Homer Simpson voice:  "Why you little . . . !"

He retorted, quickly, continuing to "choke" me and saying: "Why you big . . . !"

Of course, at that point, I collapsed to the floor, completely weak with laugher.

As I said, my son slays me.

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lime said...

ain't it great to see the sense of humor develop? so much fun! thanks for the laugh.