Thursday, February 11, 2010

HNT - Baba's Boys

Last week for HNT I posted what was likely the first picture ever taken of just my cousin Kevin and I. When, last week, the family was together and pouring through old family pictures and reminiscing, I thought it was quite interesting that most of the pictures with Kevin and I in them are pictures of Kevin, Rodney and I together (the 3 boys united in our Baba's tiny little family empire) or all three of her grandsons with Baba.

It makes sense that most of the pictures we have are of the three of us together, because, particularly in our younger years, we did spend an incredible amount of time together. And given how, at that early age, Kevin was so much bigger than Rodney and I (and I was particularly non-athletic and scrawny -- as opposed to now when I'm non-athletic and pot-bellied), Rodney and I would often team up against Kevin in our basement hockey or wrestling matches.

And (have I mentioned how scrawny I was as a child?), my "best" wrestling move was discovered one time when Rodney had Kevin pinned and asked me to help. I launched forward and gave Kevin what I called the "toey-toe" -- a move where I attempted to force him into submission by wiggle-crushing his toes, bending them back and forward with my hands. Of course, the "toe-toey" didn't actually hurt Kevin, it just weakened him because it likely ended up tickling him and the goofy name sent him into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

It's just one of many more fond memories of the times us three boys spent together. And another tale I haven't yet shared with Kevin's boys, but will.

I don't have digital copies of most of those pictures of the three of us, but I do have a few and wanted to share them this Thursday.

Kevin, me, Baba and Rodney - Christmas circa late 1970's

Rodney, Kevin and me - late 1970's

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misterbuny said...

Love the duds! I think my brother had that suit in blue!