Thursday, September 29, 2005

Chicks, Railcars and The New Xerox Machine

No, the title of this post isn't as sexy as Colin James' "Chicks, Cars & The Third World War" but what can you do?

I was originally going to try to beat my buddy Gwen to the punch and write about our adventures with the mailroom copy machine yesterday afternoon -- the two of us, trained I.T. professionals, met at the fancy new printer/photocopy machine and bumbled through trying to figure out why our documents were being "held" behind our C.T.O.'s annual budget reports and where, if anywhere, the supposed paper jam was actually occuring.

But then I thought better of it -- after all, I'd hate for us both to look like the dumb asses that Gwen's website is dedicated to in name. Maybe I'll just leave it the thought that neither of us is impressed with the fancy new printer/photocopier. But man, does it ever have a plethora of "doors, drawers and panels"

Then I thought I'd write about the GO train adventures that Christina and I found ourselves on last night. Both of us having worked long days and meeting on the same later train, but still excited to get home -- then, discovering that there was a mechanical malfunction and we'd have to get off and wait for another train to pick us up. (One of the things that I liked about this story was that our C.F.O. was also on that train - I spotted him through the dense crowd, trying to wait patiently for the next train - so it was almost like I was still bumbling through the rest of my day with Gwen, whose role in I.T. is to serve the Finance team. You see, it's important for me to find some sort of continuity in my day) - but I think I've already written several times about the silly antics that can happen to daily commuters. So I'll drop that story too.

My wandering mind has finally settled on what happened afterwards, because the fun and frustrating antics of the afternoon and evening were all pushed aside when I came into the house and discovered that Alexander had learned to put his newly learned word "Bye" with the action of waving. Sure, I was coming in, not leaving, but it was exciting, very exciting to see him make the connection between the two actions. Just as exciting as it was the other night when he started to yell "Daaaaaaad Daaaaaaad Daaaaaaa Daaaaaaad!" repeatedly when I was on the phone and not paying attention to him because he wanted me to see the new trick he had learned that day -- holding a plastic cup over his mouth and yelling loudly, making a fun echo noise.

You see, it's often just those silly little things that can make a day really special.

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