Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Relief

Jon Hodges, the one-man operation who runs the wonderful "Project Pulp" service which allows readers the ability to order single copies of magazines and special edition books from multiple sources in a single convenient online purchase, is once again using his online store to raise funds for the Red Cross, this time for Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts.

I've asked Jon to include my book One Hand Screaming in the list of charitable books, with my profit from each sale going towards the fund raising effort being coordinated by Project Pulp. Jon, being the generous soul that he is, and always thinking of others first, has increased the donation on Project Pulp's side, raising it to a donation of $5.00 US.

There's a great list of wonderful limited edition books by some fantastic genre authors (a whole lot more talented than myself) available that each include similar donations to the relief efforts. What a great opportunity to read the writings of talented authors and also be able to make a small contribution to a timely and worthwhile effort. We can do more than shake our heads at the horrible tragedy. This is but one way.

Check out the great promotional titles Project Pulp is offering for this charitable cause by clicking here.

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Magdalena said...


Chris and I have both ordered a copy of your book and I just wanted to say that it was a very generous thing for you to do because I am sure that when you are not being published by a large publishing house the profit margin is not nearly the same. I hope that our small contribution helps out in some way and that we can support your writing in the future.


P.S. It is good to catch up on where you are too. And thanks for taking the time to look over my blog.