Monday, September 19, 2005

If Only My Royalties Were Like His

My buddy Pete Mitchell has a link to a fun online test that tells you what famous leader you're most like. Here are my results, based on the 18 question version of the test:

Yeah, I guess I can see that, especially since I'm a self-promotion slut and don't at all mind being in the spotlight. Although, when I took the 27 question test (and they were different questions, which I thought was a little bit strange), I got this result:

I've going to stop with this positive result, because I'd hate to be Genghis Khan or Hitler.
I have to admit, it feels warmer being Mother Teresa rather than being Bill Clinton, but man would I ever love to get the royalties that Clinton got on his biography. Mother's Teresa's books also sold well, but I'm sure she donated all her royalties to a good cause, where Bill likely spent all his on porn.

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