Saturday, May 27, 2006

Link To CIGM Interview

Scott Overton from CIGM let me know that the station has given permission for me to post the interview that he aired during his morning program on Thursday.

Click here to listen to the raw file used for the interview. The audio file is copyright 2006 by Rogers Media.

Scott did a wonderful job of an ad hoc lead-in intro to the interview, and, of course, a wonderful closing statement about it which you won't hear in this clip. What you will hear in the clip, of course, is his wonderful interview technique and the way he helps put an interviewee at ease. You can tell he's a pro and that he's been doing this for many years. (You'll also hear my inability to speak directly into the phone at all times, how I mangle pronouncing another author's name, as well as my annoying voice which, if it doesn't turn you off too much, might be a nice teaser to some podcasts that I'm currently attempting to produce in which I do readings of my fiction . . . stay tuned . . .)


lime said...

lol, hon, you are way too hardd on yourself. yes, you had a terrific interviewer but i think you handled yourself with poise and grace. your voice isn't annoying at all. we always hate thesound of our own voice though because it sounds so weird hearing a recording as opposed to inside our own head.

Wenchy said...

Oh I love your voice! So very American. hehehehehehheeh (... as my six year old would say... you sound like TV!)

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