Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Meet The Authors of Bluffs and Outcrops

The "meet the authors" session of Bluffs and Outcrops this past Saturday went rather well, despite the beautiful and sunny day outside. In all, we did sell several copies of both anthologies and I also even sold a few copies of One Hand Screaming, so that makes the trip up north worthwhile. As always, the staff and management at the Chapters in Sudbury were phenomenally warm and welcoming.

I think part of the fun of the day was just sitting with the other contributors and sharing funny tales about readings and book signings and the creative process.

Richard deMeulles, Margo Little, Laurence Steven, Linda M. Bayley, Eric Moore, Mark Leslie, Sean Costello

Ines Habara, Christian Nelson, Margo Little, Charlie Smith, Colin Hayward

Susan Eldridge-Vautour, Christian Nelson, Charlie Smith, Sue Scherzinger, Vickie McGauley

Of course, one of the really neat things that happened was during the 3 to 4 shift during the "Meet The Authors" event, when I met Sue Scherzinger and realized that this was the "Aunt Sue" of a friend of mine from back in high school.

One of the passions that my friend Michelle and I shared was writing, and we often wrote stories together in a round-robin style. I remember this one time when Aunt Sue and Uncle Peter were over. They were that cool young aunt and uncle that most kids have, and they participated in a fun round of storywriting with us. I still remember specific things about the tale we wrote that day: A dark and rainy night on a waterfront, a young man twitching as he lay on the dock, an empty syringe beside him and some sort of magical fish in the water. That's all I remember about the tale we wrote, (wish I still had a copy of it) but I thought it was cool to meet up with Sue again so many years later.


lime said...

how cool to reconnect with someone you enjoyed so much. glad the whole experience went so well.

Melly said...

Sounds like you had a real good time :)

That sounds like a fun YA story to write about empty syringes and magical fishy...

Rainypete said...

So a trip in which you got to meet all sorts of other fellow writers and enjoy each other's comany, during which you sell some of your own books, wasn't enough for you eh? You had to go and reconnect with someone as well? Overachiever!

Anonymous said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

Anonymous said...

It was great to meet you at the authors reunion in Sudbury. Thanks for posting all the group shots of the Bluffs and Outcrops writers. Fine looking family. Also thank you for the appreciative words about my contribution (The Watcher). I have been reading your fiction reviews. Hope to see you again "up north." -Margo Little, Manitoulin Island

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!