Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Review My Writing And Win $1000

If you live in Canada, have read any books I am in and would like to review them, you could be eligible to win a $1000 gift card good either online at or at any location of Indigo, Coles, Chapters, Smithbooks, The Book Company or The World's Biggest Bookstore. Now how cool is that?

It's part of the Review It, Rate It & Win contest at - Contest closes June 30, 2006, so, as long as you're not an employee of Indigo or related to myself or other employees of Indigo, you're eligible to win -- so get your review in today.

One Hand Screaming
By Mark Leslie
(Read several full excerpts and samples online here)
(Review this book at

Bluffs: Northeastern Ontario Stories from the Edge
Edited by Laurence Steven
Contains my short story "Being Needed"
(Preview the book here)
(Review this book at

Stardust (Tales from the Wonder Zone)
Edited by Julie E. Czerneda
Contains my short story "Looking Through Glass"
(Preview the book here)
(Review this book at

Of course, if you don't live in Canada, you're still welcome to submit reviews of my works on this web site or on other fun sites like Amazon. To review One Hand Screaming on Amazon, for example, it's as simple as clicking here. I really won't mind. Honest.

You might not be eligible to win a cool $1000 gift card, but you will still be eligible to win my appreciation.


lime said...

how very cool.

Virginia said...

Hey, you're quick on the ball! I saw the Chapters promotion, and thought that was a good idea to get some traffic going. Never thought of using it to promo on a smaller scale. Good for you! If I win, I'll share. Everyone can choose a bookmark.

Rainypete said...

I'm all over that contest. I could use a subsidy for the brain crack I keep buying there.

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