Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mr. Self-Indulgent

Thanks, everyone, so much, for the kind birthday wishes over the past few days. When I look back over yesterday's post I'm a little stunned at the length. I'd meant to write a couple of paragraphs about my encounter with the wild rabbit and how at peace it made me feel -- but instead I ended up taking a flashback tangent into a funny incident.

I really indulged myself, had a fun time injecting humour into the tale. I'm glad so many people enjoyed it, and went on to share their own "hot touch" stories in comments.

But I have to admit something -- I was being completely self-indulgent in that last post, I just let myself completely go. I didn't pause much to consider length or content -- I just let the story come out. And had a damn fine time doing it, too.

To me, that's the beauty and wonder of a good session of raw "open the vein" writing. At least the raw stuff, the fun stuff, the first draft kind of stuff that doesn't feel much like work. And it was a nice touch base back to why I started blogging in the first place.


Sheri said...

ahhh - thew 'coming home' feeling can't be beat, can it?

Happy belayed birthday. What a dork I am to miss it! Forgive me?

Mark Leslie said...

You're right, Sheri. It certainly can't be beat.

And BTW there's nothing to forgive and you're not a dork . . . thanks for the b-day wishes!

lime said...

it was a terrifically fun post and when they are that fun length doesn't matter. glad it was as good for you as it was for us;)

Phain said...

oh please, don't ever hold back - that post was my new all-time favorite of yours (after the Darth Taters of course!).

lecram sinun said...

Glad you did... it was a very fun post to read.

Anonymous said...

The best writing sometimes is the 'first draft' where you just let the flow take over, and don't hold back. I am always in favor of such writing. It is always best when it least feels like work. Keep up the great work!