Monday, March 27, 2006

Dying To Try This Beer

Flipping the pages on my "365 Bottles of Beer For The Year" desk calendar this morning, I discovered yesterday's beer was Reaper Ale's "Deathly Pale Ale" - Gotta love it.

"first sips register a fruity, bitter hop character, a light citrus fruitiness steathily appears in the aroma . . . a spreading alcohol (6.2 %) bite leaves a rising malty quality on the tongue and citrus and floral notes in the aftertaste."

Can't wait to try some of that. Sure, it sounds like a nice beer with a bit of bite - but dammit, the label and name are just so cool. (And I just noticed that they have distribution in PA - damn, wish I'd known when I was there)


Sheri said...

so.... you like beer? You even have a beer calendar? Now - that's interesting.

lime said...

is it just me or is there somethign incongruous between being called 'deathly pale ale' and having 'floral notes in the aftertaste.' hehehe.

btw, thanks so much for your kind comments about my nanofiction. made me smile ear to ear.

Tish said...

Not sure I want to try a "Deathly Pale Ale" but it sure has a cool label! :)