Thursday, July 20, 2006

HNT - My Sword Unsheathed

I've been waiting for this day. Yes, I've taken Alexander to McDonald's before, but just this past week there's this little gleam in his eye when he sees those golden arches, and I can see his little eyes fill with the knowledge and excitement that not only is he going to have some fun french fries, but his Happy Meal will come with a toy. Pretty soon he'll be saying "McDonald's Daddy! I want McDonald's." (Actually, it'll be more like Alexander and I saying "McDonald's Mommy! We want McDonald's" to Francine) Man, I love my Big Macs. The only way I'd enjoy McDonald's more would be if they had Molson Export on tap. Big Mac and a beer. Mmmm.

The recent themed toys that come in the Happy Meal are from the new Pirates of the Carribean movie. Right now we have two blow-up swords (that we've been having fun dueling with), and a skull with one of those "magic eight ball" floating die in it.

So, in the theme of my buddy Rainy Pete's HNT play on words (of course I'm just a pale imitation trying desperately to be funny like he is), make sure no kids are in the room as you scroll down to enjoy a picture of me playing with my sword.

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Phain said...

i read the words "playing with my sword" before i actually saw the picture. and even knowing that it would be the mcdonald's toy, i was still dissapointed... ;)

*~*happy hnt*~*

lime said...

LOL, well done! now put that away before you put an eye out! hehee


Just Some Gal said...


My what a big sword you have!

Happy HNT!

lecram sinun said...

OK... now I want a happy meal! Cheers & Happy HNT!

Suze said...

Lovely shot. I'm now off to get me one of those meals and a Johnny Depp model.

Happy HNT sweetie ;)

Rainypete said...

Awww. I'm touched.

No ..... really

They've given me pills for it!

DaMasta said... where you point that thing.. you could really.. bruise someone.. or something..

happy hnt mark!

barefoot_mistress said...

Well now, you ought to have had that when those taters were attacking you! HHNT Mark!

yep, it's me.... said...

arrrr matey - let me tell you about mchappy-meals.
Always made the chitlins save 1/2 of any money they got in a bank to then take to THE BANK for their college fund.
the lad was 7 or 8 and had $5.00 for helping grandpa. I said half into the bank.
Lad shouted NO NO NO - I don't want to go to college - I just want a happy meal!

Jen said...

Ahhh...McDonald's toys. I remember them fondly! A blow up sword - very cool, lots of fun I can imagine!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I love McDonald's...