Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Medium, Not Extra-Small

Kudos to actress Patricia Arquette for refusing to lose weight for her role as Allison Dubois in the NBC show Medium after having gained a bit of weight while she was pregnant. She stated that if she were playing a supermodel or anorexic, then maybe, but the role she plays is the mother of three.

One of the reasons that I'm a fan of the show (besides the cool supernatural element and the great weekly mysteries) is the realistic portrayal of Dubois's family life.

A good part of the enjoyment I have with the show is the relationship Dubois has with her husband and children, and of the dymanics of the household -- two working parents trying to make ends meet, trying to raise their children and keep them safe and at the end of each day find time for each other. Sure, occasionally Dubois' work with the DA's office has her working overnight shifts or travelling far away from home, but the impact on her family is always portrayed realistically. I love that about the show. She isn't an unrealistic hero wandering off fighting crime with no consequences. Like my favourite hero, Peter Parker (Spider-Man), every action she takes to take down the bad guys often has an impact on her personal life.

So kudos to Paquette for being true to her character (and offering viewers a role model who isn't skeleton thin, but more realistically proportioned), and kudos to the show writers for keeping the show real.


lecram sinun said...

I concur. In fact I started watching it the first season for the very same reasons. Haven't caught many of late due to my schedule... and I thought the second season had a few too many "dream" plots.

The Melody Censor said...

I havent seen the show, but I do think it's great that she stood her gound on the weight issue!

jellyhead said...

Hi Mark, it's one of Franny's fans here, stopping by.

Medium is one of my favourite shows. And I like it that Patricia Arquette isn't stick thin, too. There are enough impossibly perfect-looking women on TV as it is!

Have fun with your online horror thriller!

WestDoor said...

Well, i've refused to lose any weight after joining the company. I'm never one to lose weight.....hmmm......wait..that's a bad thing......