Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Seize The Neighbourhood

Something that I love just as much as exploring a town or city that I've never been to before, is taking a second, third or forth look at my own city or neighbourhood to see what I've missed in my travels (which, all too often, take me quickly through somewhere without properly stopping to enjoy what's there).

In my new daily jaunt in to work, I pass through this nifty little Westdale restaurant called The Cereal House. Seems they specialize in cereal. Right on! Francine pointed it out the other morning on our ride in (yes, most of the time, Francine and Alexander drop me off for work - it's a fun part of our new morning ritual - actually seeing my family before I head off to work in the morning is a phenomenal experience for me). We're eager to check this place out, of course, and I'm now wondering, since they specialize in cereal, if there's any sort of cereal lingo I need to learn before I can frequent the place.

I mean, I'm a huge coffee lover, gotta have it gotta have it, but I'm still not cultured enough to properly use the terminology, etc required to hang out in one of those west-coast styled uppity coffee places like Moonbucks or Third Mug or whatever they're called, where it takes twenty minutes to get a coffee and you could have had a beer for the same price.

No, I'm still delighted when I discover a new Tim Hortons in Hamilton that I haven't yet been to. (We have so many that it'd likely take me two months of daily visits just to visit them all -- I'm beginning to think they breed here like bunnies) I'll have a double double please.


lime said...

set me up with a bowl of half count chocula and half frankenberry with skim milk. it's my guilty cereal pleasure.

Chelle said...

At least you HAVE Tim's.....they are relatively new here in Michigan and I thnk there are 3 around. Of course none are convnient to my house!!! Sucks but I tell you, if I am even remotely close to one...Im so there!!! LOL I even buy their coffee to make at home....AND I have even got a few of my American friends hooked on their coffee....lol To people here...Starbucks is good coffee. Eww....wtf? lol (Just in case you didnt know, I am a Canadian living in the States)

Kimberly said...

I'm a honeycomb fan myself...1% milk please...

I've seen the new cereal place. It's been rather empty through the summer, but maybe now that the university crowd will be flocking back to the area within the week, it'll be getting some business. Every student has to have their cereal!

FunkyB said...

It's kind of shocking to read about discovering your own neighborhood. I was just whining last week about having to take pictures in town AGAIN because I feel like I've seen it all. Maybe I need to look closer, huh?