Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Duck Duck Goose

The other evening after work, my neighbour Chad took the kids to a park on the lake in Burlington to feed the ducks. Alexander and I followed them down to join in on the fun.

It was fun watching the kids toss corn from the two buckets Chad had brought. And though the original intent was to feed the ducks, the swans and the geese ended up moseying their way in and getting most of the grub.

Watching the swans muscle the other fowl out of the way gave me a new impression of these stereotypically graceful birds. They can be downright frightening when they launch an attack -- and yet we had them eating the corn out of our hands and they didn't hurt us at all. Interesting.

Being the King of Injuries, Alexander still managed to find, even on this stretch of beach the only tiny spot (about 2 square feet) a spot where there were sharp rocks, and fall there while running to throw corn out to the ducks that were in the water.

"That's my boy!" said Papa Bunny (to quote from The Dumb Bunnies books by Dav Pilkey)


lime said...

swans and geese can be very nasty. i'm glad they did not frighten alexander and that it was a fun time, excpet for minor booboos.

Rainypete said...

Looks like Spencer Smith there. I love hanging around down there.