Saturday, December 15, 2007

Egg, Bacon and Spam

I tend to browse through my spam folder every few days to see if anything from friends or people I want to hear from made it in there. Occasionally, good and important email does and I'm able to retrieve it -- however, along the usual spam emails about increasing my penis size or dramatically reducing my mortgage, there are some real gems that I just had to share.

Check out these SUBJECT lines from recently received spam . . .

"Santa will bring more length and strength to your willy"


"Turn your weewee into a real monster"

Wow, Santa has really diversified lately, and I just love the fact that this second one uses the term "weewee" - now there's a word we just don't use enough of in everyday conversation. I'm going to see if I can find an occasion to bring it up when talking to people in the next few days.


lime said...

LOL, spam for the holidays huh?

as for the word choice, when i was pregnant with my son there was some concern about potential complications and i had to have a special ultrasound to check his heart structures. the neonatologist did the test and was pointing out all the various structures and spouting off the highly technical terms. then he asked if i want to know if the baby was a boy or a girl so i said sure. he went looking and exclaimed (after all the medical verbiage) 'there's a peepee!'

BTExpress said...

I get those all the time. I just delete them, because my house is paid off and if my Willie gets any bigger, I'll hurt someone dear to me.

Really, my house is paid off. ;-)

lecram sinun said...

Santa is going into the nip/tuck business, huh? lol! I agree... spam can be quite entertaining.

Rainypete said...

That's because it's a little known fact that the "North Pole" was donated by Peter North. Santa's obviously been twisted by its presence.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I met a man at the bar, he asked if I knew where the bathroom was. He seemed a little left handed so I asked him if he sits or stands, what he replied do you think I am not man enough to stand at take a weewee??

No actually not after that comment

Blondie said...

I am re-finding all my old blogpals. Good to see you still actively blog. Heck I remember when you did that first HnT! :')
Now then, if you don't rexognize the new blog it is because I locked the old one and opened up shop in a new place. No HNTs or such because aside from my profile and, changed up a bit.
How goes everything???
Blondie (formerly of waiting for faith)
ps, wow that sounds like a bad band or something hey? also it wont let me use my gmail sign on...grrr

Anonymous said...

Well Santa can definitely leave money for the mortgage. As far as my husband's weewee is concerned, Santa will not have to do any gifting in this department - his weewee is big enough for three!