Monday, December 10, 2007

How Alexander Sees Me When We Disagree

These past few weeks, despite the fact that we're good buddies, my son and I have had a bit of a challenge during our bath and bedtime rituals. Yes, he's three and a half, and establishing his independence, so he's going to pretty much gainsay any statement I make.

Some evenings I feel like I've stepped into the Monty Python "Argument" sketch. Gee, given Alexander's ability to pick up and learn things quickly, I wonder if he'll be able to memorize and perform the entire thing with me one day (I recall when I was teaching drama at Carleton University there was an eleven year old student who had completely memorized pretty much every single popular Monty Python sketch out there and one afternoon at the lunch table we were able to rattle off the entire "Argument" skit - much to the amusement of our lunch companions that day. I look forward to being able to do that with Alexander one day (and really driving Francine nuts)

I quite enjoyed the Elf application, and so naturally imagined that when Alexander and I are disagreeing, he likely sees me like some sort of Scrooge. Particularly when I'm often the one telling him that if he doesn't stop misbehaving, I'm going to get on the phone and call Santa and report Alexander's behaviour to him . . . (to see me dance like Scrooge, click here)


Anonymous said...

Love the dance moves - good to know what you are going to look like when you get old!

lime said...

HOW have i missed the argument sketch after all these years of being a MP fan??? my kids can recite the holy grail and several sketches so i am glad you are raising alexander right....but i still can't believe i somehow never saw the argument sketch before today!