Thursday, December 20, 2007

HNT - Gift of the HNT 2007

As has become tradition in the land of HNT, Osbasso has decreed that this week's theme shall be the "Three Wishes" -- we are to pick three HNT folks whom we don't know well and suggest gifts for them.

I've tried to pick people whom I don't personally know or have had any in depth email exchanges with and use the three gift HNT as a chance to read their blogs in more detail and try to find something that I think they would like for Christmas this year.

T K Kerouac

TK is a "neighbour" actually -- based on readings from her blog (which is always fun and playful) she likely lives within an hour drive of me. But, apart from crossing each other's blogs, most often on Thursdays, we haven't met in person and don't know each other.

TK gets a limo to arrive early one Friday morning to pick up her, her daughter and a small group of close friends to take them all into Toronto for a full day of shopping, then a fun filled girl's night on the town. Apart from being equipped with several beverages of choice, and a fine selection of music to listen to, the limo would also contain a handful of digital cameras so the group could click away and take pictures of the day's adventure which I'm sure would end up on her blog.


Charlie is another HNTer whose blog I occasionally bump into on Thursdays and other days. We're not at all geographically close, as she does live "across the pond" but I've always admired her sense of adventure, creative spirit and the stunning artistic photographs she takes and posts on her blog.

I tried to think of something fun and cute and useful as a gift for Charlie, or maybe something that would help support or inspire her creative energy, but all I can wish for her at this time, short of a Christmas miracle, where her father's cancerous tumours start to recede and disappear, is an ability borrowed from a favourite Rush song "Time Stand Still" -- the ability to "freeze this moment a little bit longer; make each impression a little bit stronger."

Instead of picking a third person, I thought it would be a real treat if I could give the following pair of gifts to ALL of the HNTers out there, and make it really simple.

Two people whom I've "met" through HNT and whom I admire for so many reasons are Osbasso (the HNT master himself) and Lecram Sinun (more properly known as the genius playwright Marcel Nunis).

These two men have given so much not only to the blogging world (through social networking events such as HNT and Da Count) and to many of us, but they've also contributed great creative performances in their non-blogosphere lives -- For that reason, I think it would be a real special treat for all HNTers to have a chance to listen in person to Osbasso's Symphony perform, and then head on over and get a chance to see a performance of one of Lecram's plays. Okay, I'm being selfish here, because that's certainly a gift I'd like for myself, but it is something I've love to share with all of you HNTers out there . . .

To everyone in HNT land, here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the peace, joy and love that the season can hold.


Osbasso said...

Thanks for gifting me out to everyone else! I'd love to do it!

And I REALLY like what you wrote about getting to know about unfamiliar blogs--that's really what I had hoped to get people to do!

Vixen said...

You did an awesome job :)


T - Another Geek Girl said...

That's just beautiful.
And truly in keeping with the spirit of the season.

Yeah, I'll take some Os and Lecram.
Sounds kinda like a mixed drink dun it?


Zoely said...

love that last wish especially!
HHNT hot stuff!

Charlie said...

A huge thanks for your wishes Mark. You really did make me smile inside and out with your words. Its nice to be seen like that, and for blogging friends to think about my Dad. Kiss under the mistletoe for you!

And completely agree with the wish about Os/Lecram...that would be awesome. 100%! Make it happen!

lime said...

great sets of gifts, mark! i for one would be delighted to receive that last one!

love the picture of you peeking through the christmas tree too.


S said...

THose are all great gifts and Id love to be at both performances!

Going to airport now bye!

TK Kerouac said...

All very thoughtful Wishes Mark

I love the Christmas Gift you thought of , I'll take it!!!!
But you have to promise to be the "man of honour" in our Limo.
It will be the ride you never forget. Then again, you might want to.

Merry Christmas Mark and Hugs for gifting me nieghbour. ox

TK Kerouac said...

P.S. I'm going to post your gift to me , thanks ox

lecram sinun said...

Mark, your first two gifts are thoughtfully wonderful... then I read the third and was totally blown away. I am so honored!

Perhaps we could accomplish it at the Rogue sometime as a venue blogger/HNT meet-up.

Cheers... and swing by for Da Count tomorrow... there could be something a little different.

BTExpress said...

Those are perfect gifts and well thought out. Happy HNT and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours my friend.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful gifts to wonderful people!!!
Happy HNT and Happy Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Happy HNT...

and you have been HNT 3 wishes-ed.

Check it out at my blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy HNT~

Mark Leslie said...

Os, my favourite part of the annual gift ritual is the great excuse to get to know more of the cool HNT folks out there.

TK, okay, I'll be the "man of honour" in the limo - will you be wearing that hot little Santa outfit? ;)

Joy, thanks so much for the great gift - I'm touched!

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