Thursday, March 06, 2008

HNT - I Love My Mac

The great and all powerful Os has decreed this week to be another theme week (okay, don't tell Osbasso I said this, but I think he's been getting a little "theme-happy" lately -- not that I don't enjoy a good challenge)

Of course, the theme is meant to be about the love one has for their Mac computer.

Well I don't have one of those. I'm a PC guy. Yes, all three computers I own are PCs.

I had been planning on posting a picture of me eating a Big Mac - because I sure do love my Macs! (But I gave them up for Lent and it would be too much temptation to buy one to take a picture with and just not eat it)

So, instead, I followed a suggestion from Francine (who is also the master of bad puns) -- who said: "Duh! Why don't you wear a Mac t-shirt for the shot?"

So I donned a Mac (McMaster) t-shirt as my way of saying "I love my Mac!" -- and I do. I really do love my place of employment. McMaster is a great academic institution, it's a fantastic place to work, and though I still have a great soft spot in my heart for Carleton University (my Alma Mater) I do actually love Mac. (Now, we don't go as far back in our relationship as the Big Mac and I go, but we're still getting to know each other - we're still in our honeymoon phase, you could say)

To go visit that cool dude theme-happy master
named Os that us HNTer's all love even more
than our "Macs" click the image below


Mariposa said...

You and Polt are defiant, creatively defiant to rules and love it! ;)


TK Kerouac said...

I love your MAC much better. You need to post some photos of that old McMaster building one day, Happy HNT!

Osbasso said...

Ah, it's good to see different versions of Mac love!

LushlyMe said...

Love it! Yeah Hamilton! Except for that Skyway that scared the crap out of me as a kid.... HHNT!

Mascota said...

nicely done! LOL LOL LOL i love coming here. it always makes me feel good.

redneck vamp said...

Very clever! I did a different sort of MAC as well. :)


lime said...

terrific resolution to the dilemma posed by not having the computer and not wanting to eat the burger! three cheers for francine!


S said...

Polty is eating a big mac in his HNT! LOL

I forgot about theme otherwise I would have taken a picture of me sledghammering my mac or otherwise dropping it off Bodega Head.

HHNT Mark!

Bunny said...

GREAT take on the theme!!


Lapis Ruber said...

Part of the fun is seeing how people find different ways to use the theme. Happy HNT.

I Smile 2 Much said...

outside the box thinkers UNITE! ; ) gotta love it! ; ) happyhnt!! ; D

Amorous Chick said...

Nice take on the theme. ;) Happy HNT!

SeaRabbit said...

Yes... us, non-Mac users, had a real challenge this week... ;-))Your's is just perfect!!!