Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Recent Short Story Sales

I was quite proud of myself when, by last week I had tallied the fact that I had 10 submissions floating out there in various slush piles. I was proud mostly because I had resolved to try to keep at least 5 short story submissions "in play" at any given time.

One of the down sides of working on longer projects, like science fiction anthology I've edited and am trying to find a home for, the werewolf novel I'm working on (as part of the "Getting Published with Mark Leslie" series on The Writing Show Podcast), as well as re-editing the novelization of my serial thriller "I, Death" and beginning work on a novel project with fellow author Carol Weekes, is that I end up spending less time work on short fiction and doing market research and sending stories out there.

But I seem to have been able to strike somewhat of a balance. Okay, not so much balance, more of a loss of sleep to accomplish these tasks.

But it has been working nicely.

Not only does March 2008 see two publications currently out there . . .

1) The free online story you can read right now at Dissections: The Journal of Contemporary Horror. "Active Reader" is a cautionary tale about book store loyalty card programs.

2) A reprint (and slight re-write) of "Browsers" in the limited edition anthology BOUND FOR EVIL: Curious Tales of Books Gone Bad. Because this is limited to only 500 "leather" bound copies, this one won't last long. (Order now directly from Dead Letter Press and it comes with a free limited edition chapbook as well)

. . . but I also recently sold two more stories (all within a couple days of each other) . . .

  • I sold the story "Captive Audience" to Champagne Shivers magazine. Coming in early 2009.
  • I sold audio rights of my story "Looking Through Glass" (which originally appeared in the anthology STARDUST edited by Julie E. Czerneda) to Clonepod podcast. (Yes, another story that you'll soon be able to enjoy for FREE! Gotta love that)

In all, I'm quite delighted to be back in the game again.

See, lack of sleep can be a good thing sometimes.

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