Thursday, March 27, 2008

HNT - There's No Business Like Snow Business

This past weekend, Alexander and I had a wonderful time enjoying all of the snow up in my old stomping grounds of Levack, Ontario. From the afternoon spent on the old Levack Ski Hill (sadly, now closed - but man, what a great place to ride a sled), to the other one spent on a snow machine down in the fields beside the old Levack District High School site (currently the site of Levack Public School - but it'll always be "the high school" in my mind) and the countless hours constructing our Northern Ontario location of Fort Alexander.

I'm posting a bunch of fun photos from the weekend here, and making my official HNT shot the one below that my buddy Greg took of Alexander and I taking turns leaping from a snow jump at the bottom of one of the runs at the ski hill. It perfectly captures the kid-like fun that I had with my son this past weekend.

More of Greg's fantastic pictures from the afternoon at the ski hill can be viewed on Greg's Flickr site here. (Is it any wonder I have adopted Greg as my official "author shot" photographer?)

And more of my own pictures can be seen here.

Photo © 2008 by Greg Roberts


lecram said...

These are wonderful! Perhaps next year you two can do a tour and colonize more of Canada with Fort Alexanders! Cheers & Happy HNT!

lime said...

what a great time! that one of alexander in helmet and riding the machine is a hoot too! thanks for sharing the good times with us. :)

BTExpress said...

So you still can't fly, huh? That's okay, it took me years, so don't give up just yet.

Nothing like the time I had with my son when he was little, so enjoy, enjoy.

Thanks for the input.