Friday, September 26, 2008

Da Count - Hurts So Good

This week at work we're wrapping up the first week of our semi-annual HURT PENGUINS sale at Titles.

"HURT PENGUINS" are an industry term for books that have a bit of shelf live. Perhaps a nick in the corner, a bend or tear, missing a cover jacket, etc. We buy them by the skidload and price them at clearance prices.

And because you don't really know what you're going to get in a skid of these books, it's always great when you crack the boxes open and find some really great books that you know you can price at rock bottom pricing.

It has been a fun week of seeing people flocking into the store and browsing through a selection of thousands of different titles, many of them priced as low as 99 cents.

Usually clothing sales attract a huge crowd, so it's delightfully refreshing to see people excited and interested in getting a good deal on books. As I've watched people browse and grin at the books they've found, it has made me feel great.

And the great selection of titles this year (the best selection I've seen so far, in fact) has meant that I've seen more customers than ever before walking away with armloads of books and excited about what they were able to find at such low prices.

It warms this old book nerd's heart.

Therefore, I'm counting the fact that I not only get to be surrounded by books every single day (a phenomenal thing I'll always cherish), but that during cool sales like this I get to watch the smiles on faces of countless customers who discover wonderful little treasures at fantastic prices.



lime said...

that was always my favorite part of running the Reading is Fundamental program at my kids' schools when they were younger. i loved seeing the glee on kids' faces when they found THE book they wanted and were going to get to have forever, for free.

lecram said...

Hurt penguins bringing smiles... always a good count. BTW... you were part of mine today. Cheers!