Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Things That Make You Go Hmm

The CCRA (Canadian Campus Retail Association) has just launched Weird Blame -- a campaign to try to set the record straight on the confusion regarding the high cost of textbooks and other issues related to course materials that continue to frustrate students.

After several decades of trying to work through the same issues year after year, the group of CCRA stores (a network of over 20 university and college stores located across Canada) thought it was time to use a bit of humour and a chance for students to win some really cool prizes (like a Segway Personal Transporter) to set the record straight.

This one minute video (which appears at www.weirdblame.com) kicks off thought processes by highlighting the very strange market forces by which the textbook industry operates.

Check out the video, take the short quiz and if you are a student enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary institution, then don't miss the opportunity to enter for YOUR chance to win some great and truly strange/weird prizes.


lime said...

man, it almost makes me want to enroll at concordia, saskatchewan, or western ontario!

Mark Leslie said...

Aw, c'mon Lime - you can enroll at McMaster - we have a great distance education program. :)

Sri said...

Concordia has the best prizes... we're krazy with a capital "K".