Thursday, September 11, 2008

HNT - Book Heist

It's been expectedly busy at the bookstore these past couple of weeks. Back to school always brings long days, endless hours of helping first year students find their appropriate course materials, and unpacking carton after carton of textbooks.

We call it the September Rush -- and it's definitely a rush -- a rush of activity, a rush of text material, a rush of students. (Yet, sadly, no Geddy, Alex and Neil)

Early last week, during some welcome week activities, a group of students on a scavenger hunt had to acquire a picture of themselves stealing books. They asked if I would pose with them, pretending to be chasing a group of them attempting to steal books.

Fun pics and a good group of kids.

FYI, despite the angry look on my face and the big stick I was swinging, no students and no course materials were hurt in the staging of these photographs.


lime said...

what fun pictures and i am not in the least bit surprised that you obliged them so enthusiastically. :)

BTExpress said...

LOL! Bet everyone looking this thought you guys were crazy. LOL