Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Episode Five Is Up

A couple of months ago I mentioned I'd be struggling to get the next episode of my Prelude to a Scream podcast posted. Two months passed and I'd thought about it a lot, but hadn't done anything.

Until yesterday morning, that is.

Without any fuss and bother, I recorded the episode in a few different chunks. Namely, the main body which is the story I read, then the pre-story babble, the post-story notes and the closing remarks. Then, I added Kevin MacLeod's wonderful "Noir - Mild Tension" track and within another hour, Episode Five was posted.

In this episode, I read the entire story "That Old Silk Hat They Found" -- a dark humour tale which examines a perhaps more realistic look at what might happen if Frosty the snowman actually came to life. The tale originally appeared in Strange Wonderland #1 back in March 1997 and was reprinted in my collection One Hand Screaming.

But now, you can listen to me read the entire story completely free.

Aren't podcasts great?

Now, nobody's counting, but I wonder how long it'll be before Episode Six gets posted.

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