Thursday, August 06, 2009

HNT - Driven To Distractions

It's been so crazy busy lately that I didn't have time to think of anything for this week's HNT post. So I thought I'd do a quick funny pose based on a story that I recently recorded to give away via my "Prelude to a Scream" podcast.

The story is about a frustrated writer who wants merely to get back to finishing his novel. But the world around him has other plans. At the end of his rope, he clings to the words from a self-help bestseller and goes a little over the top in trying to eliminate the distractions in his way.

You can read the entire story for free or listen to an audio version of it for free.

I can certainly relate to that.

But the story isn't based on me.

After all, unlike my main character in the story, I've never had a bestselling fantasy novel published.

But I'm certainly frustrated. I've got a whack of unfinished writing projects on the go, several story deadlines to try to hit as well as an anthology that I'm editing (and which I can't wait to release details about - hopefully in another few weeks)

But the lack of time to get anything useful done or actually complete any of these projects is really getting to me.

Can you tell?

I took the shot in front of one of the bookshelves that surrounds my writing space. My good buddy Yorick looks on (I know him well). Poor Yorick, he actually looks better than I do. I think I should be trying to get more sleep.


Amorous Rocker said...

I can tell. ;)

I can understand how that would be frustrating as hell though. Here's hoping you get some time to get things done soon.

misterbuny said...

I can suggest a few ways to maximize your time and get those writing projects done.
1. Clear up work area- no clutter to get distracted
2. Focus only on writing task - compose a timeline of writing tasks based on deadlines
3. Eliminate all internet based activity - time waster
4. Use proof reading the task at hand as warm up for the writing to do
After that, it is up to you

lime said...

looks like a monster is reaching from under the desk to pull you down to his murky depths.

Jade said...

What I love about this pic is looking at the book titles-I love to poke around people's bookshelves!

I can totally relate to the frustration when you've got so many unfinished writing projects laying about...I am there right now myself.


lecram said...

I so know that feeling. I'm confident you'll get it done though. Cheers, my friend!

BTExpress said...

I'm still procrastinating finishing my book. I just can't get motivated.

Stop by my blog for a party invitation.

Moosekahl said...

I think I know that feeling! Happy HNT!

The Pleasure Principle... said...

Too funny! Happy HNT!