Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Prelude To A Distraction

I posted Episode 07 of my Prelude to a Scream podcast this past weekend.

If you're a writer and are continually frustrated by the multiple distractions preventing you from being able to get down to some serious writing, then perhaps this particular episode is for you.

Episode 07 features the full story "Distractions" which tells the tale of a frustrated writer. Maxwell Bronte had a single blockbuster fantasy novel published, but that was years ago. Still working on the sequel, the poor guy has ended up being roadblocked by multiple obstacles in his way, all coming in the form of distractions with a capital "D." When Bronte discovers the latest self-help bestseller Maxim Power II: Getting Through Distractions by the popular self-help guru Andy Robinson, he begins not only taking the advice to heart, but going a little over-board in his attempt to eliminate distractions from his life.

Yes, before reading the tale you can tell it's a cautionary tale about blindly following self-help advice -- it's a dark humour tale and I had a lot of fun writing it.

It was first published in a CD-Rom given out to people attending World Fantasy Con 2001 (which was edited by Nancy Kilpatrick). It was reprinted in my book One Hand Screaming in 2004 and is also available as a free download at Shortcovers.

Or you can listen to the entire story for free online -- just scroll down to the end of the post and click the PLAY button or right click here to download the mp3.

So many options available to you to enjoy this for free.

But please don't see them as distractions.

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