Monday, December 28, 2009

Canadian SF Works Database

For a few years now there has been a Wiki created and administered by Robert J. Sawyer and Marcel Gagné called the Canadian SF Works Database. It was meant to be a collaborative storehouse of knowledge about the world of professional Canadian speculative writing, publishing and art created to prevent the panicked scrambling that usually occurs at the end of each year to determine works eligible for such things as the Aurora Awards.

On Rob's blog, he recently sent a kick in the pants to creators who haven't added their own material to this listing.

You really should go and add your own work. Don't depend on someone else going to do it for you.

Sure, Rob and Marcel put it together and keep it up and running, but it's everyone's responsibility to keep it updated.

FYI, to the contributors to Campus Chills, I made sure everyone's stories in the anthology were listed. It makes sense, to me, that the editor of a Canadian anthology should make sure that their author's works get listed.

But if you're a Canadian writer you really should be making an effort to ensure your work from 2009 is represented, particularly at this "end of year" time when we're usually all making resolutions to "do more" towards our crafty pursuits.

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