Thursday, December 24, 2009

HNT - Three Wishes 2009

Every year at Christmas time, Osbasso suggests a theme of giving for HNT. The "three wishes" theme suggests that you pick 3 other HNTers (hopefully people you don't already know well), and endow them with "fantasy" gifts -- the idea is going to their site, checking out who they are and getting to know them and thinking of something that you believe they would like -- what a great way to get to know new people and participate in the spirit of giving without it costing you a dime. Over the years this has been a fun exercise for me, but as I often do with Osbasso's themes, I'm bending this one a little.

This year, in the spirit of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present & Future, I'd like to make three wishes for three types of HNTers out there:

1) For past HNT participants
There are many people who have HNT'd in the past, but no longer participate, for whatever reason. Perhaps they are among the pioneers who first started this blogging meme, or even those who gave it a single try. But for whatever reason you first gave HNT a whirl and for whatever reason you decided to no longer participate, you were still a part of something that extended far and wide, you took a risk, tried something new and perhaps different and hopefully you met some new people. For all past HNT participants, I offer a special gold watch. It's not just any gold watch, but one with a built in GPS that will, whenever you feel the need, guide you to the closest friend.

2) For current HNT participants
For those people who participate in HNT, and nomatter what your reason, do know that your venturesome spirit, your participation in this weekly ritual and what you are adding to the blogisphere is unique and interesting and might possibly be something studied by sociologists some day. You are a part of a community that is dynamic and wide-spread, and you're part of keeping this meme alive every time you participate. For all current HNT participants, I offer a magic portable digital camera, something you can wear and carry with you at all times as comfortably and unobtrusive as a ring on your finger, allowing you to quickly and easily take that HNT photo whenever or wherever the spirit catches you.

3) For future HNT participants
For those who have checked out HNT and are considering giving it a try, again, for whatever reason, please know that HNT, while a celebration of exposure, is not necessarily about taking naked shots of yourself. Yes, that can be how you interpret it, but the beauty and wonder of HNT to me over the years has been in the incredibly diverse and challenging ways that different people have participated. Some are bold and go for entirely "adult content" shots, some play with humour, some offer insight, depth and introspection, some expose something internal, some compose incredibly creative pursuits. So for those of you looking at HNT and wondering about trying it out, my gift to you is a chance to temporarily look into the future, and see what "the road not taken" might offer you.

And a gift to all (including non-HNTers) from the triad of the Leslie family . . . here's our HNT "Christmas Card" featuring our faces superimposed onto the new Snowmen blow-up decoration on our front lawn that our five year old insisted we must have.

So, from Mark, Francine and Alexander to you and yours -- Merry Christmas! (Or, if you prefer, translate that into whatever seasonal sentiment works best to make YOU feel loved)

My HNT Gift posts from the past include: 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005.


Honey said...

Great wishes and a creative idea! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

BTExpress said...

Great wishes even if you did break a few rules. Merry Christmas!

Dee said...

A magic portable digital camera sounds like just the thing - what lovely wishes you've made!

xx Dee

lime said...

wonderful idea. thanks for the gold watch. i am so glad to have met you through the early days of HNT.

wishing you and your family a very merry christmas. (love the pic!)