Thursday, December 31, 2009

HNT - Favourite Post of 2009

The last HNT post of the year is typically reserved for re-posting your favourite from the past twelve months.

I think my favourite is the post entitled: I Left This Post in San Francisco. The main reason it's my favourite post is because it represents meeting a fellow HNTer in person and someone who inspired me to be more creative and to really have fun with the HNT concept -- that someone, was, of course, Marcel Nunis (who used to blog under the name Lecram Sinun -- so if I slip and call him Lecram once in a while, you'll understand). Marcel and I had a great time hanging out at a few different bars and literary haunts (like John's Grill in our picture below) and just kicking back and shooting the shit for several hours. It was great fun.

Here are some runners up in the category of favourite HNT posts.

Death of Free Time (Featuring a picture of my Halloween front yard tombstone)

Sing Me A Rush Lullaby, Dad (A flashback HNT showing a shot of Alexander and I having an afternoon nap back when he was just a little baby)

Boys of Chorus
(A "Photoshopped" picture from the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon with my face and Alexander's face on two of the characters -- a classic moment of father and son being goofy together)

Pow! (Me goofing around with a great marketing/business book by Andy Nulman called Pow! Right Between The Eyes - and a contender for my top 10 read books in 2009 list -- blog post for that is forthcoming)


lime said...

those blog buddy meets are just the best aren't they?

lecram said...

Ahh... John's Grill!

Cheers and Happy HNT & have a Grand New Year!