Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Solar Powered Christmas Lights

On the weekend, Alexander and I pulled out a few more strings of Christmas lights and added them to the existing ones on our house (and on his play structure in the back-yard -- Yes, there are almost as many lights on his play structure as there are on our house. Not only that, but there's also a small Christmas tree with lights on it inside)

While we were figuring out where to put up the new lights, I was reminded, again, how frustrating it could sometimes be to string lights in certain areas, and how great it might be to have a set of Christmas lights that didn't have to be plugged in, but, instead, relied on a solar cell of some sort.

For example, there's a tree on the other side of the sidewalk that we'd love to put lights on -- but we don't want to run a string across the sidewalk to do so.

Similarly, sometimes you want lights at point A and point C but not at point B in between. It'd be nice to be able to place them only where you need them and not need to use long extension cords; and that's not even mentioning the environmental and energy-saving benefits.

Of course, a Google search for solar powered Christmas lights reveals that they DO exist. (Here, for example, here, or here is more info about them) EcoGeekLiving has a set of 60 LED white solar powered lights listed for $34.99. Not a bad price, especially considering how much money you'll save on your electricity bill in the long run. I even found an online video on how to make solar powered Christmas lights.

And it's not that I looked too hard in retail stores this season for them, but in all honesty, I can't say I saw any available. Sure, they're easy to find online -- but I'm wondering when they're going to become more available, better working (I read some customer reviews of a particular set of NOMA solar lights on Canadian Tire's website and it looks like there are many improvements to be made) and more popular. I mean, it wasn't all that many years ago that LED Christmas lights were rare -- now, they're pretty much the standard. I imagine it'll be not long before the same thing happens with solar powered ones.


lime said...

pretty groovy idea if you get enough sun during the day.

Unknown said...

LED lights are a result of the electronics industry where components called 'diodes' were needed in a circuit.

Battery operated string led lights