Saturday, February 20, 2010

True North Strong And Dark

It's always a great treat to see people are still discovering something you worked on years ago.

North of Infinity II, the science fiction anthology I edited for Mosaic Press back in 2006 is a remainder at Chapters/Indigo (meaning you can get this $20 for $5.00 - DEFINITELY a bargain). A review by an employee (Nathan Burgoine) was recently posted to their website, commenting on how dark this all Canadian sci-fi anthology was. (A side-effect, perhaps, of my love for dark fiction -- guess I can't escape it even when I'm attempting to focus on the broader speculative realm)

Nathan spotlights three of the tales in his review. He points out Robert J. Sawyer's "Forever" as both clever and moving, Kimberly Foottit's "Walter's Brain" as absolutely charming and giving him a "feel-good" sense and Stephen Graham King's "Pas de deux" as echoing with a grim realism and ending with a "shiver-in-the-spine" sensation.

Here's a quote from the review, which you can read in full here.

". . . as a collection, the anthology is definitely worthwhile. Kudos to Mark Leslie for gathering some Canadian talent and making a strong whole."

And, while I'm strolling down memory lane, tickled that people are still enjoying something I worked on more than 4 years ago, here's a photo from the book launch on June 24, 2006 at Bakka-Phoenix books in Toronto.

Pictured in the photo are (left to right): Karen Danylak, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, A.M. Matte, Robert J. Sawyer, Mark Leslie, Douglas Smith, Kimberly Foottit, Stephen Graham King. I'm lucky that I continually get to work with such a cool and talented group of writers.

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