Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Horror Mall Bestselling Books

Horror Mall's bestselling books for January 2010 were recently posted. I was tickled to see, not only that a special issue of a magazine I appear in is listed, but two books by friends of mine also made it.

Michael Kelly & Carol Weekes OUROBOROS made the list at 10, as did Gord Rollo's CRIMSON at 9. I've read Gord's novel and quite liked it and just received Michael and Carol's book in the mail and am about to start it.

My story "Switch" a nasty adult erotic horror tale, appears in Black Ink Horror XXX which is number 5 on the list. This issue of BIH came out in January 2009 (I blogged about it last year), but hit the top ten list a year later. That's pretty neat. And pretty cool to see it's still selling.

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