Thursday, February 25, 2010

HNT - Building Castles In The Snow

After months of waiting, we finally got some snow this week.


Sunday was such a bright sunny, almost spring-like day that I was worried winter was going to pass us over without at least one nice dump of snow. Don't get me wrong, I love spring. But spring is MUCH more enjoyable after having a REAL winter, with cold and snow -- not a half-assed wimpy season of dark and cold temperatures without the beautiful white fluffy stuff.

I mean, without snow you can't have a proper winter playground. You can't ski, sled, ride a snow machine, build snowmen or throw snowballs. But most importantly to the boys in our household, you can't build a snow fort.

We got a decent dumping of snow a few days ago (read my post about stealing my neighbour's snow) and about 20 more centimeters are due in the next few days.

Woo hoo!

This week's HNT is a celebration of snow fun with my son.

Here are some pictures of one of the snow forts we made in the back yard last winter, just from the snow pushed off of our deck. This one was a simple "igloo-like" cave with two entrances which was big enough for both Alexander and I to fit into.

One shot we're inside the main "room" and the other, I'm sitting in the entrance the first picture was taken from and Mr Man is sitting on top. (I loved this one because the snow was packed so tight and the walls and ceiling were so thick that I could jump up and down on top of it and it still held up)

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lime said...

wow, i can't believe we've gotten more snow than you have. i'm glad yo ugot to make your fort though!