Thursday, April 22, 2010

HNT - Eerie Weekend

I will be attending EerieCon 12 this weekend in Niagara Falls, NY as one of the author guests.

I have attended for the past few years and found this convention celebrating fantasy, horror and science fiction a lot of fun and filled with great people. It's a relatively small convention, which means it has a really friendly feel to it. And each year I get to chat with so many great authors, editors and readers. I quite look forward to it.

Here is my schedule for EerieCon this year.


7:00 PM - FREE FOR ALL - Panelists discuss subjects of their audience choice. One of Eeriecon's liveliest panels. Sherman, Clink, Leslie, Gresh, Stephenson, Gardner. Moderator: Frederick

10:00 PM - LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW - James Alan Gardner conducts in depth interviews with guests. Assisted by useless sidekick, Ed McClink. Anderson, Bishop, Sherman, Mak, Gresh, Price, Schweitzer, Leslie.


10:00 AM - WRITING FOR FREE (or almost) - Writing for fanzines and the small press. Do you do it and why? What are the benefits? Leslie, Mak, Price. Mod: van Belkom

11:00 AM - COLLABORATION - Writing as a team might be the way to go. How do you go about it? Give examples of successes and failures. What are the pros and cons? Leslie, Garland, Brahen, Moesta. Mod: Anderson

12:00 NOON - ARE AUTHORS MADE OR BORN? - Does writing have to be born in you or can you make yourself into an author? Give examples. What tips can you give aspiring authors (other than be born with talent?) The men's view. Leslie, Lamberson, Frederick, van Belkom. Mod: Schweitzer

2:00 PM - THE CREATIVE PROCESS - What do you do to stimulate and keep the creative process in motion? How is it initiated? The men's view. Anderson, Frederick, Scheitzer, Leslie. Mod: Giron.

4:00 PM - CAN A BAD NOVEL MAKE A GOOD MOVIE? - The usual routine is a popular, even classic novel gets turned into a trashy movie. Does the opposite ever happen? Can you make a bad novel into a good movie? There has been at least one example recently. Name some of them. Lamberson, Schweitzer, Leslie. Mod: Price

SUNDAY, APRIL 25, 2010

10:00 AM - WRITING IN SOMEONE ELSE'S WORLD - They created it, now you get to follow it up. What are the benefits and pitfalls? Is it difficult or easy to do? Give examples of authors whose worlds have been written of by others. Moesta, Garland, Leslie. Mod: Anderson

Pic from Eeriecon 10: Nancy Kress, Mark Leslie, Sephera Giron, Caro Soles

Another pic from Eeriecon 10: me babbling on about something

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