Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prelude To The Bogeyman

I recently posted Episode 13 of Prelude To A Scream, a podcast featuring a combination of my short fiction combined with short "behind the writing of" notes.

Episode 13 features "The Bogeyman Can" which opens with the following song lyrics (sung to the tune of "The Candy Man")

Who can take a garbage bag
And stuff it full of kids? (stuff it full of kids)

Who can kill anyone he wants to

And get away with it?

(The Bogeyman)

The Bogeyman can 'cause he stays right out of sight

Until the lights go down

Yeah, I know, silly spoof lyrics. I doodled them onto a sheet of paper as part of a warm-up writing exercise back in the early 90's, and then decided to try to come up with a story in which such a song might be used. Thus, the dark-humour tale "The Bogeyman Can" was born.

Episode 13 runs about 12 minutes in total. I opened the podcast singing the lyrics. But, since I don't sing all that well, I modified the voice tracks into "chipmunk" speed and then did a slower, creepier sounding adjustment to my voice to make a "Bogeyman" sounding backup lyric.

My wife thought it was simply creepy -- of course, she's used to that sort of thing from me.

"The Bogeyman Can" was originally published in imelod (the litzine of horror & the bizarre) in January 1999 and then was reprinted in One Hand Screaming in 2004.

You can visit the podcast page here or click the link below to download the mp3 or, even listen to it online. Just make sure you keep the lights on.

Download MP3 by right-clicking here.

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