Thursday, April 29, 2010

HNT - Eerie Resemblace

This past weekend I was one of the author guests at EerieCon 12 in Niagara Falls, NY.

EerieCon is always a fun weekend, filled with great conversations and good times. One of the great surprises from this past weekend was meeting artist Adam English. Quietly sitting in the middle of the audience of various panels, English sketched caricatures of panel members in an over-sized sketchbook he carried around with him.

To a casual observer it just looked like he might have been taking notes -- but he was capturing hilarious renditions of people. And he is extremely talented.

Here's a sketch I was caught in when sitting on a panel called Are Authors Born or Made? We offered our opinions on the following questions: Does writing have to be born in your or can you make yourself into an author? Give examples. What tips can you give aspiring authors (other than be born with talent)? (BTW, the simple answer to the question of the topic of the panel, which we all quickly agreed on was: YES)

Caricature by Adam English, 2010 of (left to right):
Darrell Schweitzer, Carl Frederick, Mark Leslie, Gregory Lamberson

A few of the sketches that were done were signed both by English as well as the subjects and, as I understand, were put up for auction for a fund raiser for some sort of health plan for writers. (I honestly can't remember the specific name of the organization)

In any case, English is an amazingly talented artist.

Of course, he has also captured a fact I never noticed before -- that I perhaps bear a bit of a resemblance to CBC's Rex Murphy. (Although, admittedly, Rex does have a thicker head of hair than I do)

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