Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bradbury Gets Rock Star Treatment

Ask speculative fiction authors who their inspiration is, and many will come back and tell you that they marvelled at the short fiction of Ray Bradbury, who was one of the first writers who inspired them to want to tell their own tales.

Similarly, ask fans of science fiction for a list of some of the "must read" classics within the genre, and inevitably, a common name popping up would be Ray Bradbury with more than one of his novels or short story collections making the list.  (See list of Bradbury's books here)

So, while Bradbury is often highly acclaimed by writers and fans alike, it's "unstereotypical" for an author to get the treatment normally reserved for rock stars.

Enter, Rachel Bloom, actress, writer, comedian and her video "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury" which beautifully changes that.

This is definitely not safe for work, and, as the title suggests, contains adult content and language.

But what a hilarious and wonderful tribute to a man who has added so much to the world of speculative literature and culture.  And if this video makes even a single person pick up and read something by Bradbury, then it also makes the world a better place . . .

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