Thursday, August 26, 2010

HNT - Exhaustion

Earlier this week, Alexander was suffering from a nasty bout of "sore tummy" -- it seems to be a virus that is going around and lasts about 72 hours. The worst night was Tuesday night when he simply could not get comfortable enough to get to sleep no matter what we tried, and when he did, he slept in 10 to 15 minute installments.  I think I got perhaps 2 hours of sleep in total that night, which isn't too bad, because I normally only get about 5 hours of sleep.  However, that extra 3 hours really DO make a difference.

Yesterday, the entire family was exhausted.

In fact, it reminded me a bit of the summer of 2004, when Alexander was first born, and sleep was something we all got little of during the night. So, whenever Alexander was taking a nap, Francine or I would take turns napping with him.

We have lots of pictures of us napping in the afternoon with Alexander. Here are a couple from August 2004.

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