Monday, August 09, 2010

How Not To Write A Book

There's a lot of advice out there for folks on how to write a book.

But in a recent blog post, Chris Brogan (new media marketing expert, speaker, and, yes, author of a couple of books) turns the advice on its head and instead outlines ten easy things a person can do in order to help them NOT write a book.

He follows the 10 easy steps on how not to write a book with 5 steps on how to write one.

I won't re-create the lists here - Brogan does a nice job with his own and it's best to read the original.  But what he does quite nicely is illustrate the ultimate truth.

Writing a book takes work. Hard work. And commitment. A lot of commitment. And time. Lots of time, whether it's long stretches that are socked away or quick snippets of stolen moments in an already packed day. And one of the first steps in getting a book written has everything to do with the act of putting one word in front of another and constructing sentences that become paragraphs that become pages.

No magic tricks, no easy way out of the actual work involved in writing, editing and selling it.

It's work. Fair and simple.

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