Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Whoops, One More Added. Yikes, There's Another

"Pile of books" by hawkexpress (via Flickr)
Google recently did a book count that came to about 130 million.

Well, 129,864,880, to be precise.

There I go exaggerating again. I launch into hyperbole millions of times a day.

Interestingly, there were some very precise measures and determinations that allowed them to get to that number, which you can read about on their blog. In a nutshell, they counted "distinct intellectual or artistic creations." (One must consider, of course, that there would be a need to extend the definition of intellectual a wee bit in some cases -- of course, that's where the convenience of leaning towards "artistic" can cover more bases) But, all joking aside, there were some complex considerations put into the count.

130 Million books out there already, eh?

And here I thought my "to read pile" was already big enough.

At this rate, I'll NEVER be caught up on my reading.

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